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Understanding The Concept Of Playing The Online Pokdeng Card Game

The new card game which has gained a lot of attention from people is the Pokdeng. It is an easy diversion to play and learn. You can play this game with your family, friends and loved ones. Today, bettors can easily access เกมป๊อกเด้งฟรี and practice as much as they can.

In addition, this game is easy to play, but sometimes it is quite complicated too. The main concept of this game is that there is competition between one major gamer and six bettors. The players should use the cards and get eight or nine number values to win the game. Every game deals with drawing one or two cards.  

Basic steps to play the online Pokdeng card game

The fundamental steps to play the Pokdeng game are:

  • you can start with bettors who place their stakes
  • the dealer will shuffle two cards and deal with every player
  • the dealer can contrast their hand against the selected bettors
  • the dealer can draw another card and contrast it with their hand against the total bettors
  • Each bettor may either stay or draw a card.

But it is necessary to know a few tricks to play the game. In addition, each game of online Pokdeng is short and simple. Every player requires placing stakes using cash, small objects, candy and chips.

Arrangements of cards in the online Pokdeng game

People should know the method to play cards. The chances of winning will decrease if one doesn’t know how to arrange cards. The ranking method is according to the specified rules:


It is the point where the bettors have two cards with nine or eight cards in total. It is considered the blank system and will open the card compared with other players.

Three card game

The players have equal value three cards.


It is the point where the player consists of three cards in a succeeding way. But the quality of the cards is different from each other.

Clearing the hall of the chamber

The bettor possesses a card of three successive of the same suit.

Three cards of humanoid

It is the centre where the gambler has each card of three humanoids.

Rules and regulations of online Pokdeng game

It is crucial to know and understand all the rules and regulations of this game in order to great winning. People should also have an idea about how to calculate points and arrange cards.

The team’s all gamblers must choose a dealer or agent in the games of 1 to 10. If no one of the team members wants to become the dealer, then the system randomly chooses one player.

However, in case two people are eager to become the agent of the card so in this situation the system again randomly selects one of them.

In this game, there are bettors and one agent. Where agents will deal with the cards, and these cards are compared with the table gamblers. To determine the winner of the game, bettors will compare with the dealer.