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Why Do Online Slot Casinos Ask For Personal Ids?

Whenever you enter an online casino, the first step you have to complete is their KYC which is necessary for verifying the identification of a person. Even if the website owner or people think it is a waste of time, the government still made it a mandatory process for everyone to complete. If you have selected a casino licensed with government authorization, thenyou must proceed with them.

Why do online casinos require identification?

Gambling is one of the most popular sources of entertainment but only for people over 18, so the first reason they ask for identification is to check whether the user is above 18 or not. According to the gambling article, there are three major reasons why the user must provide their identification.

  • To prevent gambling from associating with criminal activities or disorders.
  • To make sure that all the participants are completely fair and open
  • To protect children from getting involved in such industries.

It is almost mandatory in every country, and website that does not follow these rules have to pay a heavy fine to the government, and they can also get their license revoked.

Benefits of providing identification

There are a lot of benefits if you have provided your identification while entering online ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ casinos. Some of the benefits are as follows.

1. Refund – 

You can immediately apply for a refund if you see anything wrong with the casino website. Fake or no documentation will always keep you from getting your money back. But with the proper identifications, you will be able to file a complaint against them and get your refund 100% safe and sound.

2. No delay – 

Whenever people withdraw their money, one main thing they like is no waiting time. Providing them with proper identification will always let you get your reward after a longer period. But if you have provided them with fake documentation or no documentation, it can take a lot of time for you to withdraw all your winning at once. So make sure only to provide your original document while performing such activities.

3. Safe from the scam –

The only website that the government authorizes will ask you for identification. If you have considered a website not asking for your identification, it might be a scam. So make sure only to prefer playing on the casino, which asks you for your identification so that you can be safe from many scammer websites. In this technical error, it is very easier for people to earn money by scamming people’s money from their bank accounts through gambling sources.


Gambling is a source of entertainment only for people above the age of 18. So if you want to play a game, then providing identification would be necessary for you, just like in liquor stores. They can only provide you with alcohol with your ID. The same goes for casino gaming; you have to provide your identification to play the game and enjoy your day.