Altissimo Nespresso – Types of Coffees Available

Nespresso machines are one of the most popular brands of coffee makers today. Of course, they’re a luxury purchase and cost a pretty penny, but they offer you a great alternative to the typical coffee machine that’s less than satisfying.

You all know the global craze to drink coffee, irrespective of time and day. You might have seen a steady rise of altissio nespresso cafes that offer espresso, macchiatos, iced coffees, espressos, and lattes. But did you know that not just any “coffee” will do? There are many different types of coffees available for consumption too! These range from milder to more intense flavors.

Nespresso has a lot to offer in terms of coffees. There are at least ten different types of coffees available. They can be purchased by their respective descriptions (cinnamon, caramel, ristretto, etc.). It is worth mentioning that all these different types can be custom-made to the kind of espresso, flavor, etc.

Type of Coffees –

  1. Original Line –

It is the mildest of the lot. It is made up of a creamy, dark brown coffee with a smooth and rich flavor. The Original Line offers its drinkers a balanced taste and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

  1. Arpeggio Line –

It offers its drinkers a delicate, slightly sweet, and mellow flavor that makes every sip an adventure. This line includes tastes like vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, and solid tastes like cinnamon, etc.

  1. Ristretto Line –

It is a dark-brown coffee that has a solid and sweet aftertaste. It has a refreshing taste, while it turns bitter, leaving the drinker unsatisfied. It is recommended to use one ristretto shot in each of your morning coffee experiences.

  1. Espresso Line –

It is a medium-sized black coffee with a smooth taste and mild flavor. Coffees from this line are usually served with cream, sugar, or other flavored additions.

  1. Caffè Lungo Line –

It is a robust black coffee with a strong flavor and slight bitterness. It is usually served in a cup holding around 20-25-20 degrees of water. Caffè lungo espresso is traditionally enjoyed with other drinks like tea and cocoa.

  1. Tallinn Line –

It is a light-colored, round dark brown coffee with roasted tastes in it. The Tallinn line is available in various flavors, from nutty to spicy and gentle to intense. In addition, the Tallinn line comes in the following flavors: cinnamon, vanilla, and citrus.

  1. Caffè Breve Line –

It is a light-colored coffee that has a bitter aftertaste. It is made from a medium-sized coffee bean. It is usually served in a small cup with a limited amount of water. The taste of this coffee is sour, very bitter, and leaves the drinker unsatisfied.

The altissio nespresso has different types of coffee that suit every palate. Nespresso’s coffees are not just popular, but it has also earned themselves a reputation for being one of the finest coffee makers today. With so many options available, you can’t go wrong with the choices you choose from their wide range of coffees.